A confession

A confession:

I am hooked on Game of Thrones.

Now I usually am not an early adopter of the latest television fad.  I avoided LOST for two seasons before I started watching.

In England this summer, several choir folks reminded me that I’d love this show.  I had started it just before I left for London, but found the first few episodes too disjointed.

Sticking with it, at about Episode Four or so I was hooked.

Friday night was a binge-watch night.  Five episodes.  I’m now well into Season Two.

This is bad.  I have other work to do!

2 thoughts on “A confession

  1. I appreciate your problem of being able to stop watching to get other things done, because either any given episode is so exciting, you want to see the next one, or any given episode is ratcheting up the dramatic tension that you can’t stand not seeing the next one.

    Even episodes where it doesn’t seem a lot going on… you get suspicious that you’ve missed something, or there will be an unexpected payoff in the next episode. It’s rough to stop watching…

    Best regards, you have some excellent television ahead of you in your Game of Thrones watching…

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