Random Chicago musings

The streets of the Loop are much emptier at 10 a.m. on Labor Day than they are at 10 a.m. on a weekday.

Ann Sather’s cinnamon rolls are works of art.  Jackie Voris-worthy works of art.

The Chicago homeless appear, at least visually, to live much harder lives than those who are homeless in Saint Louis.

I shan’t forget the sight of an Indian groom and his wedding party, the groom on horseback, making their way down the sidewalk on Michigan Avenue.

Having reserved seats at a movie theatre, while a European thing, is something we should adopt more in the USA.  I loved seeing Florence Foster Jenkins from my reclining, reserved seat.

What do Chicago restaurants do to green beans that make them so tasty and yummy?  I’ve had, for two nights running, some of the best green beans I’ve ever eaten.

I loved talking Episcopal Church stuff with Richard last evening.

Oh for a Saint Louis public transport system that is world-class, as Chicago’s is.  We are just too western a city, and too in love with our cars, for public transport to be worth the investment . . . unless we want to spend beaucoup tax dollars on it.  The City would probably say yes, but the County would balk, and then the whole system collapses.

What is it about skyscrapers and wide streets that takes my breath away?

Catching up with former students is one of life’s great joys.



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