Daily Archives: August 26, 2016

In numbers

The first week of the 2016-17 school year, in numbers:

320.  Number of work emails I sent this week.

154/91.  Highest my blood pressure has been this week.

112.  Number of undergraduate majors in music at Webster University.

62.  Number of students through my office this week.

49.  Number of books hoisted today onto my new bookshelf at the office.

35.  Number of times a faculty member popped in for a question (at least).

29.  Number of new students at the first of our six weekly MUSIC 101 orientation sessions on Wednesday.

10.  Number of times I said “I’ve made enough decisions today.”

5.  Nights of good and healthy sleep this week.

4.  Nights I was still on the computer at 11 p.m., trying to catch up from the day.

3.  Number of class sessions I taught this week.  Number of dress shirts now in the laundry.

2.  Nights of callbacks for A Christmas Carol at the Rep.  Number of breakfasts I ate at home.

  1.  Number of Convocations I hosted.  Number of hamburgers I ate this week.

0.  Number of crying students.

Zilch.  Plans for my Friday evening.  Peace and quiet reign.  And some popcorn and a DVD.