Daily Archives: August 24, 2016


So I’m at dinner on Tuesday evening, at Mission Taco in the Central West End.

With me are two former students, Jeff (who is at SLU working on pre-med courses) and Michael, a Webster BFA alumnus who has found success, with a national tour under his belt and a contract the Repertory Theatre of Saint Louis, which brings him to town right now.

I love these guys.

Jeff is going to kill me for posting this, but oh well.

As we walk in the restaurant, there are Vince and Kelly Karamanov, with whom I had dinner last week. Vince is the new principal contrabassoon with the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra.

Only in Saint Louis, this big tiny town, would people from two of my different universities collide like this.

And then I see outside the restaurant Danielle, a current music major at Webster, and several folks from Saint Louis’ theatre community, with whom I occasionally perform.

The collisions and connections of our worlds are intricate, wide-flung, and priceless.