Well, I just sat on my bed with my favorite gray trousers in my lap, and I sewed buttons for braces onto the waistband.

That’s the set-up for this story:


Me with my great-aunt Esther Gutshall Summers at 96.

After Aunt Esther died, I inherited her sewing kit, which is lovely since I did not have a substantial kit, but rather the bare necessities of several kinds of thread, a thimble, and several needles. All fine, of course, for sewing a button on a shirt!

As I took Aunt Esther’s sewing kit off the shelf, I felt an inexplicable but real connection to her.  That kit has thread in it that I’m betting is older than I am.  How many times did I see her fixing something, with that same thimble that I was using, but on her own hand?

She’s been gone over two years now.  In my home are three of her lamps, two mirrors, her china cabinet, other odds and ends, and the lovely platform rocker she bequeathed me. And a practical, useful sewing kit.

I still miss her.


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