Daily Archives: August 9, 2016

Monday diary

0447 hours.  Awakened by the newspaper lady, who was talking so loudly on her phone it woke me and Auggie.  I had the window cracked in the moderate overnight weather, but boy howdy, that was a mistake.

0600.  Alarm sounds.  Auggie is ready to play.  I’m not.  Listen to NPR for 30 minutes.

0700.  Catch up time on the NBC Olympics app.  Cry along with the young swimmer during the 4×100 freestyle medal ceremony.  And then watch a bit of swimming over breakfast.

0715.  Breakfast.  Strawberries and cream.  Two pieces of hearty toast (pain de campagne from Champaign, Illinois) with blood orange marmalade from Exeter, Devonshire.  Feed the dog his Costco dog food.

0800.  Kitchen clean.  Saint Louis Post-Dispatch read.  Start simple syrup for some homemade limeade. Gotta do something with those limes I bought at Costco.

0815.  Morning Prayer.  Shower.  Walk Auggie.

0900.  Post Office time.  For some reason, the postperson ignored my VACATION HOLD in June and again in July.  And then last week the postman (for I have a new person on my route) did not honor my request to redeliver a parcel I posted from Exeter, U.K.  I sorta needed to talk to someone: “What can I do to ensure that you all do your job?” was the gist of my conversation with the supervisor.

That parcel included several naughty (by which I mean hilarious and off-color) greeting cards, two antiquarian books I purchased in Truro for £17, three colorful little leather wallets (also from Truro), and a bit of sloe gin from Plymouth, U.K.  I was trying to keep my suitcase weight nice and tolerable, so I shipped a few things home! Oh . . . and some sea salt from Truro.

1000.  Walk Auggie.  Work on a load of laundry.  Clean the living room windows from Auggie-streaks.  (His nose is always on the glass.) Office emails.

1100.  Jonathan the Tailor stopped by the house with my new suit, four new shirts, a lovely pair of trousers, and so on.  I succumbed and ordered another jacket and pair of trousers. Lunch. Fold laundry. Water polo (Australia/Hungary, currently tied, with 26 seconds left in the match, at 9 each).  What did I ever do without the NBC Olympics app and live streaming video, plus replay of almost everything?

Regarding water polo, these guys are scary mean.  Not rugby scary, but vicious.  I don’t think I’d survive.

And what’s happening with Brasil’s football team?  A full 180 minutes of scoreless play?  This isn’t the Brasil I know.

1230.  Manicure, and to office.

1345.  Finished a quick meeting with the boss.  Now plowing through email and today’s tasks.  Would rather be home, but I must earn the living, no?

1630.  Head back home, after wrapping up scheduling of the Fall 2016 seminar speakers, prepping an enrollment update, and numerous other tiny tasks.  Prep dinner of some of last week’s rib tips and a green salad with yellow cherry tomatoes.  And homemade limeade. Watch some of today’s Olympics team gymnastics competition. The Brasilieros go wild for their own team.

A two-handed oven mitt arrived in the post today.  Apparently I went wild whilst in England, and order silicone gloves, heavy mitts with silicone strips, and a heavy-duty two-handed mitt.  I need to stop watching baking shows.  Especially the Great British Baking Show.

1830.  Attend a photography class at Missouri Botanical Garden, shooting pics of water lilies.

2030.  Walk the dog.  Shower.  Blog.  And watch gymnastics.  Not a bad day at all!