Norwich: Saturday

I gotta tell you — there’s really nothing quite like waking up to a 60° morning, window wide open, blue skies emerging at 5 a.m., and seeing red tile roofs and church towers spreading off in the distance.

I’ve awakened to some pretty wonderful sights.  That mule-cart outside my room in Brazil in 1994 comes to mind, as does the sun rising over the mountain in Greece last September, and the early-morning views in Alaska in 2005.

But for sheer bring-a-smile-to-my-face vistas, this green and pleasant land is the place:The photo doesn’t look like much, since it cannot take in the depth of color and dimension.  Suffice to say that I’m just beaming this morning.

Pigeons and songbirds are noisy this morning.  I’ve heard bells (at 8 a.m. now) from at least three churches. The smell of breakfast, rising from a kitchen exhaust fan, is heavy in the air (especially that of croissants).  And a morning off beckons.


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