Evening in Norwich

Wednesday evening.

I’m worn down, so I’m in for the evening.  I’m so in for the evening that I ordered Thai food to be delivered, ate in my room, took a shower, and at 8 p.m. am already thinking about sleep!

We had some good chats with locals today.  On the crowded train to the seaside this morning, Ramelle and I sat facing each other over a table.  At one of the stops an older local joined.  As we chatted, we found that she sings in a community chorus, that her son was a chorister at Norwich, and that he is now studying jazz at the Royal College of Music. Her sister is one of the chorus mums at the local cathedral.

Later in the day, a chance conversation in a gift shop turned up a similar story.

And Ramelle chatted amiably today with the two teenagers who were crab-fishing. The girl asked, with some amazement, “Is it true that Americans pronounce the word as ‘toe-may-toe,’ rather than ‘toe-mah-toe’?”.

Local color is a fun thing to share.

Thursday = local tourism.  I shall find the Shrine of Julian of Norwich, then the Colman’s Mustard Museum, and then the local marketplace.  All this will be before Evensong.


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