Cromer, Norfolk

Ramelle Sarna and I went on Wednesday (our off day, or as Norwich Cathedral calls it, our Dumb Day) to Cromer, on the northern coast of Norfolk, due north of Norwich.  We both wanted an away-day, and to see the sea.

And we did.

Cromer - 37

We also walked by a house overlooking the water — a house that made me drool. £1.1M is the pricetag.

Other visits included the village church, the Victorian pier over the water, the lifeboat shed (with attendant amazing stories), a restaurant on the water, and a few shops.

We needed the day away!


3 thoughts on “Cromer, Norfolk

  1. Nona Nan Chapman

    Ramelle’s mother here: Thank you for your WONDERFUL photos! I almost feel I am there! Is it 90 or 100 degrees there? It’s sure hotter than hadees in Missouri! Continue to enjoy and keep sending those beautiful photos.

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