Transit to Exeter

The choir from Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral arrived this morning, but sadly, several folks took more than two hours to clear immigration.

We got a late start — after noon! — from Heathrow, but stopped in Salisbury for a 90-minute visit to the cathedral.  I lunched near the exact spot where 19 years ago I ate scones with clotted cream before singing Evensong with the choir from the University of Kansas.

A long 2.5 hours later, we were in Exeter, where dinner for the whole gang followed in short order.

At 9.45 p.m., I am in my room, but light still shines in the sky, and UEFA football is on the telly.

I’m glad to be reunited with friends!!

Here are some transit shots from the day, and a few from Exeter (and one from Stonehenge, which we passed along the way from Salisbury!).




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