Recap: London, round one


The new and the old sit side by side on the south bank of the Thames.

The new and the old sit side by side on the south bank of the Thames.

I’ll be back in London in two weeks’ time.

But I’ve certainly packed in, during this first three-day go-round, a number of things I’ve never done before.

In fact, the only repeat this trip was my excursion Saturday morning to Portabello Road Market, where I may or may not have picked up a Christmas gift.  And where I could have spent many more hours just browsing and people-watching.

Otherwise, all the other excursions this half-week have been new places for me:

  • The Shard
  • Sky Garden
  • Borough Market
  • Kew Gardens
  • A football game, viewed at a pub near Liverpool Station
  • the newly-opened building at the Tate Modern
  • staying in Holborn, rather than Westminster or Kensington

And, in a new twist at the Tate Modern, I saw, high up on the old chimney, a peregrine falcon.  Beautiful.  It took the local bird society’s binoculars and a bit of coaching for me to find him.  But find him I did.

We did stumble onto Carter Lane on Saturday!

Saturday included a bit of a lie-in, then a trip to Portabello Road Market, and then a Tube ride to London Bridge and the Borough Market, where I could have spent the rest of the day just nibbling on samples of things. I watched a man hand-cutting Iberian ham; tasted more cheese than I can shout about; enjoyed sips of three gins from East London; spent some time in Southwark Cathedral; and marveled at the masses of humanity.  And ate a most excellent piece of lemon polenta cake.

Saturday evening included the play The Comedy About A Bank Robbery, as suggested by my colleague Glen Bauer.  Hysterically funny in a very British sort of way, this was.

And now, on Sunday morning, I am headed to Heathrow to meet my friends and colleagues and fellow choristers from Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City, and transit west toward Exeter, stopping at Salisbury along the way.

Photos from Saturday follow in separate posts.



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