Daily Archives: July 5, 2016


Random happinesses from the past few days . . . .

A note from my internal medicine doctor: “all blood work perfectly normal.”  Couple that with his in-office statement of “totally unremarkable,” and one has a feeling of success in the efforts that he’s taken with his own health over the last year.

Commencement2016 - 10A note from one of my departing Webster University seniors: “You were my guardian angel, my saving grace, a mentor.  Your spirit, your kindness, your effortless beauty will forever be imprinted in my heart. Being in your studio changed my life.” This from a student for whom I was teacher, therapist, and occasional butt-kicker.

I’m saying ‘so long’ to two very special college students this summer.

And from a college roommate, with whom I’ve not spoken in nearly thirty years: “You were a good friend to me in many ways, helping me academically and encouraging me vocally . . . .  In a way, i was one of your first students.  You also did your best to teach me some fashion sense, like how to tie a half-Windsor, etc . . .”.  He goes on to say “Anyone who knew you knew you would make your mark in the world!  Way to go and way to keep going!”

These two hand-written notes are going in my Rainy Day folder.  Occasionally, we all need to be reminded that we are doing good, and in changing our own life, changing the lives of others as well.