UPS Store lack of service

I ordered some higher-end earbuds.  Online. Through Amazon, but fulfilled by Brookstone.

So Brookstone sent me the wrong item. It took three phone calls to get them to email me a prepaid return receipt label.

Crappy customer service indeed.

Monday morning, en route to my doctor appointment, I stopped by the UPS Store in Central West End, planning to send off the wrong item on return to Brookstone.

ME: “I have a prepaid label here on my phone.”

GIRL AT COUNTER: “That will be $2.14 to print that off.”

ME: “Excuse me?”

GIRL AT COUNTER: “That will be $2.14 to print that off.”

ME: “You’re kidding.”

GIRL AT COUNTER: “It’s a set fee, sir.”

ME: “So if I print it and bring it in myself, I don’t pay anything?”

GIRL AT COUNTER silently nods.  She has run this racket before.

ME: I grab the box and huff out without even a thank you.

Now I realize that this is a franchise store. They must make money somehow.

Charge me a quarter, and I’d sigh but pay.

Gouge me? Two dollars and fourteen cents??  No way! Ridiculous and usurious, this $2.14.

I’m surprised that she couldn’t look up the reference number in the system and print off the mailing label herself, since the tracking number was already assigned.  Perhaps she needed to make her quota of $2.14 printed sheets?

UPS Store and Brookstone, your customer service needs serious attention.

And I will never again stop by the CWE UPS Store.


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