NYC from the air

Leaving New York (LaGuardia) last Thursday:

During the safety briefing, I could have sworn the flight attendant spoke of using the seat cushion as a ‘flirtation’ device, rather than a ‘flotation’ device.

And then the cutest thing happened.  The little Asian girl across the aisle from me, perhaps barely four years old, heard the flight attendant say “pull the cushion up, fold your arms over it, and clasp it your chest.”  The little girl started clapping . . . thinking she had heard “clap it to your chest.”  I was amused.

Of course her mother was not amusing to me, since she was having obnoxiously loud conversations on speaker on her cell phone, whilst in the little tube of the Embraer ERJ 145.  Why do people insist on talking on speaker in small, confined spaces?  What has happened to propriety?

And a bonus shot of Lambert Saint Louis as we passed it to the north, prepping for a landing from the west:

fromtheair - 5


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