ATOMIC reviews

The first round of reviews has hit!

“As always, New Line’s musical maestro, Jeffrey Richard Carter has put a splendid band together- this time featuring the addition of strings which lend an authentic touch to the period.”  StageDoorSTL

“…the ever excellent New Line Band, led by pianist Jeffrey Richard Carter.” CriticalBlast

“Composer Foxman creates a long, dark musical swirl that runs through the show, well-interpreted by conductor Jeffrey Richard Carter and the band.”
Saint Louis Post-Dispatch

“The band, under Jeffrey Richard Carter’s expert direction . . . superbly performs Foxman’s nuanced orchestrations.”
Belleville News-Democrat

“Seated judiciously behind the windows is the New Line Band that spiritedly plays Foxman’s invigorating score, with orchestrations by Andy Peterson. Jeffrey Richard Carter conducts.”
Ladue News

“Jeffrey Carter Richards does great work once again on piano and as music director.”  [I must have a new stage name?!]

I am, as ever, grateful for good reviews.

But the music director is SO much more than the band leader!

Please cf., which I wrote last year.  Honestly, folks — I’m advocating for all of us who make myriad decisions from long before rehearsals start . . . decisions about sound and style and tempo and color.

And I am keenly aware of all those little suggestions I have given to folks along the way — suggestions that have helped their characters come alive in show after show, and helped them gain acclaim.  It takes a village!


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