New Line: Atomic

This evening we open ATOMIC at New Line Theatre.

This is a ‘new’ show, or at least new in that we are the fourth production ever, and we are mounting a show that is a significant re-write from what was previously produced.

The author and composer are in town — from Australia — to see our production.

ATOMIC deals with a central character, the real-life father of nuclear fission, Leo Szilard, and his relationships with the atom bomb and the people around him.  It’s a morality play, one that raises many questions of ethics and propriety.  The show is filled with historical characters such as Fermi and Oppenheimer.  Roosevelt and Truman make voice-over appearances.

Here’s a preview in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch.

The score is pop/rock, and really quite tuneful and lovely.  The actors have embraced the musical language and the poetic ideas, and the band is playing the show with incredible energy and tightness.

This show has been a true pleasure to put together.  We run Thursday/Friday/Saturday through June 25.  Come see this show!


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