1. When referring to the demarcation line between two US states, the term is ‘state line,’ rather than ‘border.’  The term ‘border’ refers to separate countries, people! (Get it right, NPR.)  This terminology harks to a time when separate countries had boundaries over which one needed permission to cross.  With a passport.  One does not now need a passport to cross a state line in the US, except maybe to Texas.
  2. As I’m starting to back out of a parking place, or my garage, why do Saint Louis drivers feel the need to hurry past me and cause me to jam on my brakes?  Do they not understand blind spots and common courtesy?
  3. When I ask you to state your phone number twice when leaving me a voicemail, I mean it.  Your phone cuts out, and I miss a digit, or you speak so rapidly that I can’t understand you.  Please folks — common courtesy should tell you to state your number early in the message, prior to telling my why you are calling, and then state your number again.  (This was once part of elementary school curriculum, believe it or not.)
  4. My dog poops in your yard, I clean up the mess.  Your dog poops in my yard, you do the same.  Dillholes.
  5. Kids, your iPhone does not need to be on your desk whilst you are in class or a lesson.  Period.  (I even have that in my syllabus.)

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