Around the house

Saturday was a delight.

I started with breakfast with Texas Jeff and his beau.  Yes, there were mimosas.  And cornmeal buttermilk pancakes.

Since Spring has arrived, I took time on Saturday to transplant irises from the front yard to the back.  Why they were ever planted in front is beyond my comprehension, since irises demand full sun, and the front yard has not the sun.  I put out Boston ferns in the front porch planters, and primrose and alyssum as well.  More planting awaits in the backyard, and I’ll need to see what came back this year from all the perennials I put out last year. The patio is now clean, the chair cushions lashed to the chairs, and the back yard looking better now that it’s free of dandelions.  At least for today.

Indoors, a trip to Walter Knoll netted me mini-carnations and some Asiatic irises.  Last week’s tulips have bit the dust, but the carnation bouquet is still going strong.

Somewhere during the day, I worked on laundry.  The hats and coats are now downstairs, and summer camps are upstairs on both hall trees.  I ran to Levine Hat Co. as well, and, to my dismay at my lack of discipline, bought four new summer hats and some socks.  Foolish me.  Three of these hats will be joining me in England in July, so I justified them that way.

And I made a dash to the Apple Store at the Galleria, since a phone charger cable yesterday decided to leave its tip in my lightning cable port, and I could not get the phone to accept a plug-in.  No plug-in, no juice.  All is well now.

That sounds like a full Saturday to me!  Add a voice lesson and a visit from the plumber.  That’s an über-full Saturday.  I shall spend the evening indoors, with Auggie, and a book, and perhaps a glass of something lovely.  My intent is to watch the documentary about Saint Louis and our fascination with clay bricks.

Meanwhile, Barry Manilow made this blog very popular. I had over 600 hits on Friday and another 200+ on Saturday.



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