Diary of a Saturday

7 a.m.  Lie in.  Auggie still wants out.

8 a.m.  Up for good this time.  Feed the dog.  Grab a shower. Eat a couple of Mandarin oranges.

8.30 a.m.  Auggie goes to his favorite groomer, Warren.  I go to Bob Evans after driving all the way down Broadway — a different world from my usual surroundings! — to Lindbergh.

9.30 a.m.  Costco.  Provisions for Sunday and Tuesday when I am feeding students. Impulsively purchase three books too.  And I’m still away for $165 and change.

10 a.m.  Muse on the fact that I seem to be called ‘sir’ more often than previously, and that younger people are holding the door for me.  Do I look older?  I don’t feel it . . . most days.

11 a.m.  Fresh flowers adorn three rooms of my home.  The larder is stocked.  And after a mini-Spring-Clean yesterday, the house is tidy indeed!  That pile of papers I’d been looking at since December?  Gone.  The books stacked in my bedroom?  Now on shelves in the library.  The pesky school work that keeps piling up?  In the trunk of the car, going to school to await summer efforts.  And the car?  Also spic-n-span after Viktor the Brilliant washed, waxed, and refreshed Birgit.  She was gleaming this morning!

11.30 a.m.  Lesson with Hannah, a high school senior.  She is almost finished with three years of lessons in my studio.  I’m so pleased with her growth, and proud that she has decided to pursue music education in college next year.

12.30 p.m. Stop for a moment to smell the Spring-for-real hyacinths that Hannah brought today.  They are gracing the piano.

1 p.m.  Collect Auggie, and go for a walk in Bellerive Park overlooking the Mississippi.

2 p.m.  Finish the grocery list, and prep the mirepoix vegetables for the Bolognese sauce.

3 p.m.  Teach a brief lesson with my high school freshman, Finn.  Take a nap.

5 p.m.  Dinner of a homemade burger, and a green salad.  Occasionally stir the pasta sauce as slowly cooks down.  Then go to Schnuck’s for bread, milk products, and a few staples as I prep for both Sunday and Tuesday dinners. Set the table for tomorrow — such decisions on plates and serving dishes! I went with the English china set from the antique store in Indiana.

7.25 p.m.  I’m slowing down.  Time to watch a KU basketball game, and at half-time make the Not-Yo-Mama’s Banana Pudding for Easter dessert.  The rest of the Sunday menu will happen on Sunday morning.  The menu includes spinach and orange salad, Stephenson’s famous chicken-and-rice, cheese grits, fresh asparagus, rustic bread. The appetizer is a couple of sharp cheeses.  I’ll have seven of my college students join me for Easter dinner.

Photos from today:


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