The Primary

I’m writing on Tuesday before the polls close.

And at this moment, I’m filled with hope for the future.

My hope is based on small things I witnessed today.

One of my private voice students, who turns 19 today, is voting in his first national election. He was anxious for his lesson to end so that he could get to the poll.

I saw a Facebook post from another of my kids — one who is now in college — about his classmates not knowing how to register.  He was ranting in part about the system, but I was glad to see righteous frustration about our important right.

One of our Webster kids in Vienna posted a note about voting absentee prior to leaving.  I was glad to know that this student takes the opportunity so seriously.

Two of our Webster students were carrying a Bernie banner around campus today.  I know that at least one of them has been active in canvassing for Bernie, while others have been canvassing for Hillary.  One of my Webster music majors even offered to drive people to polls today.

This kind of involvement on the part of students bodes so well for our Republic — if not nationally, at least at a local level.

Many of my colleagues at school today wore ‘I voted’ stickers.  I got mine around 4.30 p.m. at Adams School in the City of Saint Louis.

The polling place is the same for three city wards.  As I looked around the room at the lines of people, I was heartened to see so many of my fellow citizens exercising their right to vote.  And I was even more heartened at the urban mix I saw in that room: African-American, Latino, gay and lesbian, old and young, Asian, wealthy and not wealthy.  I was moved almost to tears as I cast my ballot.

For Bernie.

Leaving Adams School, I was surprised to hear “Sir” from a well-dressed young man who had been standing at the curb.  I thought he was trying to catch folks as they went in to vote.  Instead, he introduced himself as a young local attorney running for the State House from my district, Missouri House District 77. His name is Steve Roberts.  I liked him immediately, and now I want to know more about what he stands for and why he’s running.  Here’s a bit more about him.

The American Dream is not dead, and the witness of folks younger than me, participating in real and meaningful ways in governance, is a positive story indeed.



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