SWACDA scenes

Tuesday.  Kansas City.

The biennial conference of the American Choral Directors Association southwestern division.

I’m at the Marriott in downtown Kansas City. (Where this evening I said ‘hey’ to Tubby Smith in the elevator, now that the Big 12 basketball tourney is in town too.)

Here are two 7 a.m. shots from my hotel room:

And on Tuesday I managed the second round of the first-ever divisional Student Conducting Competition. Along with nine graduate students, these five undergrads participated:swacda - 3

Here’s my Facebook note from noon on Tuesday:

Thanks to all who participated in this morning’s first-ever SWACDA Student Conducting Competition. The choirs were truly and incredibly nuanced and flexible (not to mention wonderful!). The competitors brought their A games and gave us plenty of thrill as we look toward a choral future. And our adjudicators were a crackerjack team of experts who generally agreed on the finalists.

This was a GOOD morning, and I’m of course sorry that we could not send everyone on.

But we have chosen finalists, and they are:

Corbin DeSpain, Texas Tech
Riley King, Bethel (KS)
Connor Scott, Webster (MO)

Braeden Ayres, Northern Colorado
Paul Thompson, Colorado
Barb Lamont, Texas Tech
Morgan Kramer, Texas


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