The week ahead

I have been mindful since the start of the Spring 2016 semester that, for many of us at Webster, the weeks seem grueling.

In the Department of Music, since January 17, we have hosted five candidates for our open voice position. We have been through a full round of concerts.  We have witnessed recitals from several students going to Vienna next week.  We have prepped for a choir tour, dealt with curricular changes, and begun a long-range curricular change.

University-wide, I am on the trail of two different grants, several new scholarships, and also the Salary & Fringe Benefit Committee.  Also, morale is very low in a time of tight budgets and faculty/staff angst.

I’ve been to two conferences since school started, and spent last weekend in Kansas City to see and hear my own music.

And I have started a new show, while learning music for another one.

Spring Break can’t arrive soon enough.  And it will, in five day’s time!  I’ll spend this coming weekend in Chicago, then head directly to Kansas City for a conference where I have some responsibility.

Meanwhile, this week includes several committee meetings, some advising sessions, a full and overflowing slate of lessons, a planning meeting with the boss, a faculty research grant orientation, meetings with prospective faculty members, curriculum planning for Fall 2016, four evenings of rehearsals, and more.  I started on Sunday with a recital (I sang four pieces) and in the evening a performance by the Webster University Chamber Orchestra.

Here’s one of the songs from Sunday’s recital — Lonely Town, by Bernstein and Comden & Green:



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