What one learns

Wednesday morning.

What one learns from dogs, on snowy days.


Auggie is fearless in the snow.  He jumps and bounds and frolics, and comes back inside and licks his paws.  Of course, he also has longer legs than Samson.

Samson would quiver and shake and refuse to go outdoors until I had cleared him a spot on the lawn.  He would then sniff and wait and circle and cogitate, all before finally doing his business.

But Auggie is fine with thunder, although he’s skittish around unexpected loud sounds.  Sam would sleeps through loud sounds (think a book falling on the floor), but be terrified of thunder that was five counties away.

Dogs are strange and wondrous creatures.  And when they curl up on your lap or beside you after a long day of work, they are also the most wonderful organic systems around.


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