Eight years

Eight years ago today I boarded a flight from Indianapolis to Saint Louis, and after a nap at my hotel in Clayton, ate dinner with Kathy Bowers and Glen Bauer.

The next day I engaged in a full day of activities at Webster University.

Less than two weeks later came the call to offer me a gig at Webster.

I’ve been happy ever since.

My first photo of Thompson House, Webster University.

My first photo of Thompson House, Webster University.

How is this possible, that I’ve been here nearly eight years?  These two generations of students have flown past me!  But in this time, I’ve hired six new faculty members (soon to be seven), and seen a significant change in the culture and community in our Department of Music.  Much of it seems like yesterday, although I know it’s not.

And my 40 extra pounds knows that too.

Here’s to another eight years, with 40-50 less poundages….


One thought on “Eight years

  1. dickwoodhouse

    It does in may ways seem only yesterday. Webster has changed. GMC is again in the state of change, by all account positive also. Here’s to many more for you!! My life has changed as well. Cooperstown has been a very good move for me. Take care and a big hug, Jeff.


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