Turning the mattress

I turned the mattress today, part of a wider cleaning and dis-investing from items in my bedroom.

carter2016-5And as I did so, I thought “It’s time for a clean, new start.”  My weight is out of control.  I’m not sleeping as much as I should.  I want at least another 25 years or so, not just 15, and I need to take some control.

(I’m inspired by a friend in Philadelphia!)

So, as of this day, here is the covenant with myself:

I shall, within the next 16 weeks, drop 10% of my weight, in a steady decline.  I shall take these steps:

  • no snacking after 8 p.m.
  • inasmuch as possible, eat unprocessed, uncanned food, including whole grains.
  • eat two helpings daily of something green or yellow or orange (that means veggies), cooked fresh or eaten raw.
  • resume my proven course of having a salad for at least one meal daily.  Protein on the salad is perfectly fine.  But I must make my own dressing, no sugar added.
  • walk Auggie twice more daily than I am.
  • limit alcohol consumption to social settings only.
  • eat salmon or some other fish at least twice a week.
  • snack only on healthier things.  Chips are bad. Fruit is good.  Crackers & cheese are better than candy bars, even thought the latter are the one-bite kinds I keep on my desk.
  • cook healthy and hearty food in the slow cooker on weekends so that I am less tempted to fast food.
  • eat breakfast at home daily.  No Quik-Trip.  No Hardee’s.  No McDonalds.  No Steak & Shake.
  • make at home any dessert that I eat.
  • rise at 6 daily, no matter what.  I like the day the follows when I do that, and I like the Morning Prayer before dawn.
  • retire nightly at 11 p.m., no matter what, reading Compline before turning out the light.

There’s more to the plan, but changing the intake is the first step.  Nothing else will work without these specific things changing.

Who is with me?  10% of body weight by May 1?  Comment below to walk this journey with me, or send me an email in co-covenant and solidarity (jrc@jeffreycarter.us)

And as for reading?  I’m going to finish that biography of Churchill.  I’m going to work my way through Paris 1919.  I’m going to re-read To Kill a Mockingbird. And I’m going to tackle some books of poetry that have been sitting in the stack for months and months.

Hey, 2016!  Let’s kick some a**.



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