Wednesday evening at home

Wednesday evening. I’m at home.  A candle burns in the front window.  A fire quietly flickers in the fireplace.  And all is well in my little corner of the world.

Today was filled with meetings off campus, so aside from an hour in the office to rush through a few things and bark out orders, I was not at school today.  Instead, I traveled from one end of the metroplex to another.

And by 2.45 p.m., I was home. The Christmas tree is down and away — fitting, since Wednesday is the first day of Epiphany.  Auggie has been royally loved on and walked.  I taught two voice lessons.  I made some work calls.

And now it’s Wednesday evening, near time for Modern Family.  Then I have plenty of syllabus work to do.

Last evening I attended the 25 to Life Concert produced at the Sheldon by New Line Theatre.  What a glorious and fun evening this was.  I played photographer, and here are some of the shots:





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