Daily Archives: December 28, 2015


I attended last evening the touring production of the musical ELF at the Peabody.  What a delightful evening I had!

Now, to make this clear: I have never seen the movie on which this musical is based.  In fact, I tend to flee from movies that feature grown men acting like children, so Will Farrell movies and Adam Sandler movies are not part of my domain.

But my much-loved former student Luke Meyer was in the pit on the Reed 2 book, and I wanted to see/hear him play this show, and he was house-sitting over the holiday while ELF was in town, so off I went.

Quick thoughts:

  • ELF is masterfully constructed, with songs occurring at just the right time, and with every major character getting at least one big moment.
  • Production numbers are well planned and executed.
  • The orchestrations are wickedly good!
  • The band was tight — truly a delight.
  • In spite of a quiet audience, the folks on stage gave the show their all.
  • The lead, Buddy the Elf, took every chance to make a two-dimensional story something more, and he mostly succeeded.

I was glad to see this show, and left feeling quite happy indeed.