Daily Archives: December 20, 2015

An open letter to Alderman Joe Roddy

Dear Alderman Roddy,

I see that twice last week you voted in favor of a new stadium, even though our old one is not yet paid off.  I’m sorry we never got a chance to discuss this matter.
The stadium should have gone to a public vote.  Citizens of the City of Saint Louis should be not shouldering the burden for something . . . anything, especially a sports team . . . that is a multi-county, bi-state draw.  The use of any single cent of my taxpayer money for something we don’t need is a blatantly ridiculous decision, and so I now must ask you:
What are you (or at least your votes and your decisions) doing about the burglary that occurred at my home this week, as I slept upstairs?  Why are you not voting for more police on the streets?  For better roads?  For safer parks?  For some kind of gun policy that will save lives in this city?  We have such greater needs in this city!
A stupid stadium for a losing football team — and a team that plays home games fewer than a dozen times annually — is patently ridiculous.
Meanwhile, Saint Louis burns.
You shall not have my vote again.
Dr. Jeffrey Carter