Walking the dog

Way back when I lived in Muncie, I played marches through my earbuds to try to keep me on pace and I walked the neighborhood and took exercise (sometimes).

Augustus Rex is a walker.  He needs several outdoor stretches each day.  And I am walking him on a leash.

Sousa marches are too fast, clocking in quite often at around ♩= 120 beats per minutes.  That comes in at two steps per second, which is a bit rapid for Auggie and quite too much for me.


So I go instead with parade marches, such as the “Colonel Bogey March” and other British quadruple meter marches. These come in a ♩= 90, a much better pace for both of us.

I’m loading tons of these British marches into the iPhone, and enjoying some marching music with the mutt.


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