Big dog

So I’m walking Auggie Saturday evening.  We are in the alley one block away, between Lawn Place and Kingshighway.  Suddenly, at the corner house, a see a huge shadow moving through the yard, and I get Auggie on the other side of me quickly.

A very large dog headed right for the 6-foot fence and starting going ape-crazy.  Auggie wanted to engage.  I moved quickly.

Alas . . . the fence on the street side of the house is a normal yard height, and that dog was just about over the fence in a blink of an eye.  I let out my loudest teacher-voice ab-energy “hey,” and the dog backed down but kept barking.  Auggie couldn’t decide if he wanted to play or be scared.  I picked him up and walk with him under my arm far down the street.

I was pretty peeved and unhappy, not to mention somewhat scared for the health of my companion, as well as my own.

This Baskerville-ish hound has not been in that yard before. I see that they have a pen, but I’ve never witnessed a dog there.  Either this evil creature stays indoors most of the time, or he belongs to someone who is visiting.  But the house was dark.

Needless to say, we will be more careful about walking in that neighborhood at night.

And I’m thinking that some pepper spray, along with the doggie doo-doo bags, might be a good thing for the leash.

Here’s a happy shot of the safe-at-home Augustus Rex:



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