Auggie update

I know everyone is waiting, or at least I’d like to think that everyone is waiting for an update.

Saturday.  Auggie was lost.  Uncertain.  Confused.

Sunday.  Auggie figures out the front stairs.  He finds his food bowl on his own.  And he barks a bit. We start training on ‘sit’ and ‘come.’  The tile floor in the kitchen confounds and troubles him, and still does on Tuesday.  Two of my kids come for dinner.  He is a perfect and loving gentleman.

Monday.  Auggie barks more.  He runs up and down the scary 2nd-floor staircase on his own, and he hops up and down off the bed.  We learn how to play with his stuffed toy, and he waits for the command to jump for it. We visit school, where his is a huge hit.  And he curls up on my lap for a while in the evening, then goes to his dog-bed by the fireplace.  Monday night, Auggie sleeps by the pillow next to me all night long.

Tuesday.  Auggie barks even more.  He still hasn’t figured out his water dish, though. Auggie runs the inside stairs with élan. But he has yet to figure out which side of the doors has hinges, and which side will allow him to pass through.  We go on a tiring walk after my school day (instead of just up and down the block), and within three blocks he has stopped straining at the leash, dragging me along, and instead is walking contentedly at my side.

I shall lose weight with this boy.  Samson never did like walking, so short were his legs.

I let the adoption agency know yesterday that I’m keeping him.  They can register his ID chip in my name.  No one is taking this little guy away now.

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