I am in Effingham, Illinois this evening.

In less than 12 hours, I shall collect a new companion, Augustus Rex, a darling little Miniature Schnauzer.

After committing to this adoption early in the week, I received more information about this pup.

Apparently Auggie’s human was wanted by the police, and fled town, leaving Auggie with a 50-pound bag of food, and a big bowl of water.  Auggie was in bad shape when his human’s landlord found him day slater.  In other words, Auggie is truly a rescue dog.

His caretaker tells me he had never been groomed, and was such a mass of fur-ball that the groomer had no idea what breed he was until they shaved him.  He will, of course, soon be a handsome white Schnauzer, with a standard Schnauzer cut.

I’m also told that he is incredibly loving and gentle, and could easily be a therapy dog.

The arrival in Terre Haute at 9.15 a.m. Eastern Time can’t come quickly enough.  Samson has not been gone five weeks yet, but I am ready for a new buddy. No pet will ever replace my beloved Samson, of course! . . . but this guy deserves a home and someone to love him.

Pictures will follow shortly after we finalize the adoption.

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