Falling apart

For the second morning in a row, I found myself today in Kirkwood for a doctor appointment.  I seem to be falling apart . . . .

Well, not literally, of course, but the aches and pains and middle-age continue to be a nuisance.

imageYesterday I was at the eye doctor with an eye infection that I felt coming on a few days earlier.  The doctor’s diagnosis was a basic sludginess of one of the oil ducts, causing posterior blepharitis.  I’m on an ointment that I drop in my eye twice a day.  And heat.  Lots of warm compresses!  I have lots of fluid build-up at the base of my occipital cavity, and I think I look a bit like Grandma Blocher in her later life, with her very saggy eyes.

This morning found me at the chiropractor for my left wrist which continues to pain and frustrate.  We spent an hour working on various things, including laser treatment and quite a bit of stretching and massage.  I continue on a soft tissue support pack including probiotics.  And I’m continuing to live daily with the splint and the brace, just letting the pain level each day decide on which apparatus to wear.

Meanwhile, I miss Samson.


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