One week down

Friday evening.  The sun sets earlier these days.  Well before 8 p.m., I see the markings of deep dusk outdoors.

And the weather warmed up enough today that the air-conditioning resumed its summer chore, after a glorious fortnight with open windows and cool breezes.

Somehow, some way, I survived the first week.  Wednesday was the tough day, and I went to bed that evening at 9 p.m. Today I had enough energy to come home and mow the yard and give all the edges a good trimming.  But I still think this will be early-to-bed.

I’m alternating between elation at the beginning of a new school year — with a new colleague, increases in new-student and undergraduate enrollments in music, a new class for me to teach (choral arranging) — and excitement about the trip that commences in less than a week, to Athens and Vienna on Webster business.

But for today, I celebrate the beginning of another school year, the new challenges at hand, the possibilities that are boundless right now, and the joy I take in this vocation and calling.

A couple of photos from this week:

IMG_1755 IMG_1775

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