Sunday in NYC

The 11 a.m. choral Eucharist at St. Thomas Fifth Avenue this morning was superb — divine, stately, orderly, filled with visual splendor, perfumed with sounds of angels in the form of the men’s voices from the St. Thomas Choir.  This was a good day to be in church!

I met up with Eden and her family for a while. Eden is a recent Webster alum, one of my voice students, and a soon-to-be resident of NYC.

Fun Home, the 2015 Tony winner for Best Musical, was by far the best show I’ve seen all year.  I was mesmerized the entire journey, and like others in the audience audibly choking back tears during the last 20 minutes.

And then I did what any other sensible person would do: I walked the long walk back to my hotel and sat down in the hotel lobby bar and sipped a glass of Prosecco.

Ben, a Webster student now living in NYC, joined me for dinner at a nearby Mexican place.

And that was my Sunday!

Here are some shots from today on my perambulations:


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