We visited Terezin this past Thursday.


I can’t say much about Terezin, because words are impossible. This place is not filled with horrors of an Auschwitz.  But this place is horrible indeed, having served as the ‘model’ camp that was shown to the Red Cross in 1943, 1944, and 1945.

This was the camp with the musicians, with the children, with the poets, with Brundibar, with I never saw another butterfly.

This was psychological terror, a confounding testament of man’s darkness.

And yet the rabbi held services, and the children sang, and soccer was played, and life . . . somehow . . . went on, albeit in a skewed and pathetic fashion.


Railroad tracks at the edge of town — the way in, and the way out . . . to certain death.

I cannot find words, but here are some photos:

To learn more, and to see portions of the remaining Nazi films:


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