Prague — Day Two

Wednesday was a very full day, or so it seems as I write on Wednesday evening around 10 p.m. and feel just absolutely drained.

I started the day with waffles and some Czech honey I purchased at the store, plus a big bowl of strawberries.  And coffee.

Petr, our local guide, met me just before 9. K wasn’t feeling well, so it was just me on the morning tour of the Jewish Quarter, the #1 local site.  I had an hour-long tour of this area eight years ago, but this mornign, with a private guide who is terrifically versed in local history, the tour induced tears and sorrow and anger at the monstrous, horrific way we have treated our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Lunch at a courtyard cafe (potato soup, a ham toastie, water for about $5) led to a nap.

K and I had booked a Czech beer tasting tour, so we set out for that, but stopped first at the Old Town Square.  The beer tasting itself included seven different Czech concoctions, with history and brewmaster tips mixed in amongst the sips.  We had a good time in a small group that included four US citizens and two Aussies from Melbourne.

I ventured down the street for one more beer at the Lokal, a place that deals in delivered-that-morning, unpasteurized, unfiltered fresh beer.  The taste was incredible . . . truly beyond anything I can describe.

And then a walk, a subway ride, a tram ride, a trip to the grocery store, and home, but just briefly.

Kampa Island is literally just around the corner from our flat.  (The island is a man-made creation; my bedroom window looks over the canal that is the western boundary of the island.)  This week, in honor of Bastille Day, the island is hosting a French food and wine festival.  So I partook.  Joyfully.  The festival atmosphere is powerful and friendly.

And then I took this photo as I walked home:



Here are some photos from the day:

And these two from the Jewish cemetery, where centuries of Jewish people are buried, and where the tombstones are stacked on top of each other:


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