Berlin — Day Four (Potsdam)

We were on a train at 10 a.m. today to take us to Potsdam and old imperial playground of Sans Souci.

Our guide, Andrew, works for Fat Tire Bike Tours.  Sixteen of us were on the trip today, including an ill-behaved, all-about-them family from Brazil.

We moved quickly from the train station to through town and on to Sans Souci, and over the next few hours saw so many beautiful vistas that the superlatives disappear and become meaningless.

Leaving the garden, we headed back into town and the lovely Dutch Quarter. (A flood of invited Dutch immigrants came to Prussia after the  Thirty Years War, since the population and especially the men-folk were decimated.)

After a biergarten lunch (sausage, potatoes & gravy today, with an Augustiner Hell bier), we had a long bike ride to Cecilienhof and the site of the Potsdam Conference that started 70 years ago this week.  I stood in the very rooms where Stalin and Churchill and Truman negotiated the fate of Germany (not to mention spheres of influence).  This was a powerful day.  As we left Cecilienof, we biked along a path by the Jungfernsee, and Andrew told us nonchalantly that we were biking along the old western side of the Berlin Wall.  And again history was made manifest.

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