And on to Prague

From a website I consulted today:

Berlin and Prague represent two very different aspects of Europe: the former is the capital of revolution and youth, bursting at the seams with artistic innovation and a fiery, rebellious spirit. The latter is the epitome of classic, elegant Europe, with its steepled architecture and quiet afternoons along the river.

While Berlin’s physical appearance has changed drastically in the decades since WWII, Prague has remained relatively untouched, meaning that between these two historic cities lies a four hour, forty minute trip that spans centuries, wars and cultures. Whether you’re going from the “City of Golden Spires” to the “Millennium City” or back in the other direction, there is much to absorb on this eastern European journey.

You’ll pass through Dresden, now a bucolic place of parks, gardens, and majestic views. You’ll wind through the northern Czech Republic, right along the Elbe River. You’ll discover a region lined with pristine lakes and giant pines, with palaces nestled in between each stretch of wilderness. Make sure to have your camera ready for the large sweeping vistas of unspoiled, mountainous landscape, where life seems to stand unchanged between these thriving metropolises.

And now imagine yourself sitting by the train’s window, a member of royalty surveying the land, in complete speedy comfort. This is the joy of rail travel. The modern meets the timeless.

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