So after our aborted Friday attempt to find the ‘Berlin Museum,’ we walked to and through the Brandenburg Gate, and then on over to the Reichstag.

To ascend to the Reichstag dome, one either waits in line for timed-admission tickets that may be as much as two days later, or one emails and asks for a specific time.  My email attempt received a standard ‘not available’ reply. So we went to stand in line.

And so it was that after about 30 minutes this very nice young man walks up and starts pulling people from the line, and handing the immediate entry cards. I don’t know why, but he did.

At about 7.15 p.m. Friday, after pictures on the front drive, I ascended to the roof of the Reichstag, and toured this stunning dome designed by Norman Foster.

The video has the collection of photos I took, most of them looking outward toward the city of Berlin.

I’ll also post another video from YouTube, looking inward.

For both of us, this was the highlight of the trip so far!


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