On the River Spree

The Berlin Pass includes a boat tour on the River Spree.  So boat tour we did.

Bearing south at first, we passed the Dom, the oldest area of Berlin (remembering that 90% of Berlin was bombed by the end of World War II, and so Berlin is truly a new city), and then turned back.  Bearing north, we passed a number of buildings of indeterminate importance, but also saw the Hauptbanhof (the new and dazzling train station), the Reichstag, and the Chancellery (where Chancellor Merkel lives and works), the Tiergarten, and homeless people.

I was only in Berlin one other time, in 2008.  I don’t recall the Schloss Berlin as a project then, but certainly it is now.  On the site of the Kaiser’s old palace  (razed after WWII, and then the site of an asbestos-contaminated Communist Party edifice) is growing a €800M (read that nearly $1 BILLION) new Berlin Palace. It’s a public/private partnership, and will house several museums plus public spaces.  Modern construction techniques and being covered with brick and masonry in what will eventually look like the largest palace in the world.  Who knew/

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