Berlin — Day One

Our apartment is really a wonderful place.  We are on the 7th floor in a sunny apartment with bedroom windows facing north, and a balcony and kitchen facing south and overlooking the Hackescher Markt.  The River Spree is just two blocks west, which means Museum Island is also just two blocks west.  Train lines S5, S7, and S9 are steps from our door, as are several tram lines.  A grocery store is a block away, and restaurants are everywhere.  This is a lively area in Berlin Mitte.

K didn’t feel well yesterday, so I took solo engagements at the Neues Museum, with a particular focus on the Egyptian collection, and then spent some time at the Berliner Dom, the faux-ancient overly-ornate pile that the Kaiser had built as the spiritual home of Berlin.  Hohenzollern tombs are in the crypt.  I stood for a moment at the grave of Frederick the Great.  At the Neues Museum, I looked for a long time at the prize of their collection, the bust of Nefertiti.  It stand in its own ornate, two-story room, and beckons. (Sadly, no photographs allowed.)

And then I napped.  This is vacation, after all.

Hackescher Markt was indeed a marketplace yesterday, with stalls selling jewelry and blouses and leather gloves and food!  I got my brat there at mid-day.  I bought a new hat.  And then, near closing time, I picked up a pastry — a raspberry and almond tart — for 1/2-price, and made the transaction in broken Italian.  At 7.30 a.m., this is my sooooo-good breakfast:


Rain off and on yesterday had cleared by 6 p.m., so we took a cruise on the River Spree.  And then I found Tex/Mex food and read my Vaughan Williams journal by candlelight in the restaurant.  Tex/Mex, Vaughan Williams, Berlin.  That’s a mouthful to get ones mind around….

Some scenes from the day:

And from Museum Island:

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