Because of the number of photos from Antwerp on Tuesday, I shall blog separately about two visits.

The big picture blog is this one.


We were at the train station 30 minutes early for a train this morning, not knowing how long the early-morning commute would take.  As it turned out, the time was only 15 minutes.  Seventy-five minutes down the tracks, we were in Antwerp, the second largest shipping hub in Europe, with direct access to the North Sea.

Our day included Rubens and printing presses, more about which later.

We stumbled onto a delightful craft chocolate shop.  Here is what I purchased (only one of each!):

I added a shot of Kevin making a purchase as well.

We walked quite a ways on Tuesday, eschewing public transport, and following a trail laid out by a very helpful man at the tourist info center at the train station (a man who bore an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Bean).  Here are shots from the trek:

The 5.30 train brought us back to Amsterdam. After dealing with a kerfuffle related to tickets to Berlin on Wednesday, we made our way home for a dinner of salad and pasta (and chocolate creams for me). As I write, Kevin is out wandering the streets.  I am packing in between uploading photos on a treacherously slow Internet connection.

Here are some final Amsterdam shots from today:


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