Three nights

Glory Be!!

I have three consecutive nights at home.  This will likely be the last time this occurs before sometime in May.

So Friday night?  I made dinner of steak, rice pilaf, and green salad with my homemade creamy Parmesan dressing.  Then I watched movies.

Samson was happy.

The steak?  Crusted on one side with seasonings, then seared on each side for three minutes in an oiled and moderately hot cast-iron skillet, and then left in the skillet in a 350-degree oven for eight minutes.  Perfection!

Today I shall work at home: four voice lessons, audition a new student, do laundry, and this evening wade into the pile of stuff I brought home from the office, but wade whilst in jammies and with my little furry companion beside me.

Christ Church Cathedral holds its annual parish meeting on Sunday.  I will attend that and attend Evensong at The Church of St. Michael and St. George.  And that will be my Sunday.


My neighborhood is changing.  The poor lady who lived two houses north of me is gone.  Her house — one that needs massive fixes and updates to roof, HVAC, plumbing, electric, yard, garage, tuck-pointing, and the like — sold for a pittance recently.  The new owner has been taking out hundreds of bags of trash (she was a hoarder), tearing out the kitchen, throwing out furniture, and is today selling the last of her possessions at a yard sale.

Meanwhile, a new couple has moved in a few houses away.  Will and Shannon’s kids are growing up.  Nancy has her youngest daughter at college.  Nancy’s parents next door to her are aging.  And Boo Radley is gone on yet another jaunt to the Orient.


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