Daily Archives: May 30, 2014


Birgit has arrived.

Birgit the Volvo debuted on Thursday at 2.30 p.m. when I drove her off the lot. She was delivered at Brentwood Volvo (part of the Dean empire).

Ingrid has gone to a nunnery, and I am now leasing a Volvo S-60, a beautiful ’ember black’ sedan with an ivory interior.  My six-speed is gone too, in favor of an automatic transmission with eight speeds.

To celebrate, several folks came by to view the new addition.  Samson tried to get into the act as well.  The festivities followed a lite summer dinner of curried chicken & apple salad, and cucumber drizzled with mango vinaigrette.

Birgit the Volvo will be with me for 39 months.  She’s a gem, and a lovely little 2015 model too.

D and I took a drive up Kingshighway, then east on I-70 over the new Stan Musial Bridge into Illinois, then back to Missouri, through Downtown, and on to Ted Drewes.

Herewith, proof: