Daily Archives: May 27, 2014

The yard

Slowly.  Surely.  Step by step.  That’s the yard this year.  I actually knelt on the ground today and was able to rise again without assistance, this after replanting some Asiatic lilies in a new place.  And that is progress given the limited time I can stay on my leg without discomfort!

Two coneflower plants are moved to new locations, as are the lilies.  I went after the invasive vines that grow on my neighbor’s side of the fence, but take over my raspberry bush.

And I mowed and trimmed, until the trimmer decided to break.

The rest of the day = nap, a trip to Home Depot for odds and ends on a list that kept growing, some car shopping.

And dinner with D, indoors rather than outdoors since the rain was spitting.  Broiled burgers, asparagus, and homemade pasta salad was just right.

We ended the holiday evening with a trip to Oberweiss for some ice cream.  My shake was to-die-for fabulousness.