Daily Archives: May 25, 2014


At my hotel this weekend, I retrieved from the in-room system various voicemail messages for several previous guests.

One of them went thusly: “Hello Mrs. X, this is X from the front desk.  I’m giving you a shout-out to discuss your account.  If you would please call us back to speak to the MOD, it would be greatly appreciated.”

‘Shout-out’?  STUPID! 

And ‘MOD’?  Jargon that not everyone understands!

Do high-end convention hotels not have standards, or scripts?

How about this?: “Hello Mrs. X, this is X from the front desk.  I’m calling today to discuss your account.  Please call back at XXXX and ask to speak to the Manager of the Day, who will immediately be able to help you.”

Clear.  Direct.  Appropriate.  That’s what a message should be.  And no matter the context, a voicemail message should always include a phone number.  My outgoing message asks respondents to state the phone number twice.  People seem to have no idea how garbled something sounds when they rush through it, or when technology burps at two of the digits!

Come on, Westin.  Make your employees do the script….!

And ‘shout-out’?  May that stupid, insipid, meaningless, but oh-so-trendy phrase be retired forthwith and forever from the vocabulary of every intelligent human being!