From San Antonio

I arrived in San Antonio, Texas early on a Wednesday afternoon.  I’m here for the Classical Singer convention.

The rest of my day was free, so after the taxi ride with the lovely Mohammed pointing out local sites, and checking in at the Westin Riverwalk and taking a bit of rest, I set out by foot for the Rivercenter and AMC’s cinema there.

The latest Spiderman movie was a perfect way to spend a hot Texas afternoon.  And this AMC cinema had reserved seating in comfy leather recliners.  I could get used to that.

I didn’t like the 23 minutes of pre-movie AMC branding, ads, trailers (what happened to the rule that one should only have four trailers before a show?) and more AMC branding.  Plus five reminders to turn off our cell phones, which the ass to my left didn’t do at all until the movie started, and I kept hearing his camera making shutter noises as he took pics of the trailers.  Grossness was personified.

The movie over, I hobbled over to the Riverwalk and Casa Rio where I enjoyed a cheese-filled, innocuous, but thoroughly delightful Tex-Mex fiesta plate that included guac, chips and the freshest salsa this side of Mama’s kitchen, a tamale, an enchilada, a taco, chile con carne, rice, and beans.  And a mariachi band that tried to play for me twice, even after I shooed them away (like I did the overly-begging duck) the first time.  And I had a sangria.

My 15th floor room overlooks the Riverwalk, and I expect I’ll sit on the balcony for a while this evening.

Oh yes…my transit on Southwest today included a first-ever experience of sitting by a nun in flight.  She was praying the Rosary for a while, then started crocheting.  She told me the Rosary is easier.

One final note: my broken leg occurred 13 weeks ago this week.  The check up early this morning, prior to the airport run, showed quite a bit of remodeling and healing.  Said Dr. Nawas, “Your healing is right on target.  Your function, as we expected, is lagging behind.”  I’m three months in, with a six-month recovery.  My occasional frustration with the slowness of the process is usually tempered by my knowledge that this week is better than last week, that overuse leads to over-swelling, and this really, truly is a process.


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