Daily Archives: May 19, 2014

China cabinet


Mom’s Jade-ite. Grandma Carter’s rose china. G-ma Blocher’s stemware. A bunch of other family pieces. Plus some of my own acquisitions. All in Aunt Esther’s china cabinet. Together at last.

Happy am I.

This is the china cabinet that for years has been a family piece I knew I would acquire.  I’m sad that the reason it’s now mine is that Aunt Esther is no longer with us, but I’m happy that the lovely piece lives on in another home for a few more decades (I hope).

The mirror was also an Aunt Esther gift.  A companion hangs on the adjacent wall in the living room.

So the dining room now includes Aunt Esther, Mom (oak claw-foot round table, some of the chairs, the buffet), G-ma (a heavy mirror), and me (the wine cabinet,  some art, a few more chairs).  Grandma Carter is represented in the living room with the round table and lamp that sit beside my chair; Aunt Esther by another lamp.  My connection to those who went before and nurtured me is with me every day in this house, in a very real way.

The china cabinet is the last piece of furniture.  Anything else that comes in must equal something going out for good.  That is my vow.