Daily Archives: May 13, 2014

Kid-A-Day #3

Charlie Ingram landed in my studio after one semester with someone else.  We immediately set to work.  And work he has done.  Charlie has found ease in an upper range, turned into a real baritenor, gotten rid of most of his croon (a word he hates, and that I now use sparingly), and generally been one of the finest students I have ever taught.  His potential is limitless, and his drive is high.  This guy is going places.  He knows that I’ll never forgive him if I don’t have tickets to his first opening night on Broadway.

I’m so pleased to call Charlie my colleague now.  And I’m glad he’s around this summer for a few make up lessons where we will read some lit and finish up a few ‘this is how you do it’ touches to his voice.